Flat Tops

Current Flat Tops are OOO and Parlour sized instruements.

Tedrow Series

With a 3 1/2″ rim, the Tedrow Series is a modern archtop with a more traditional body size.

Paloma Hybrid Acoustic

The Paloma Hybrid Acoustic blends that action of an archtop with the tone of a steel string and a top braced like a classical guitar.
It is truley a unique instrument with its own voice somewhere in the middle of a parlour and traditional steel string guitar.

Betty Swing Series

With its 3″ Rim, the Betty Swing has the tone and projection of a modern archtop and the feel of a traditional instrument.


It also is available with a 16”, 17” or 18” Lower Bout Width.


Bellaneu Series

The Bellaneu model is defined by its modern shape and cut away. Although a departure from tradition, the upper bout it is viewed as a traditional 14th fret body joint from the playing position. The beauty of the design is that as the eye is not distracted, the left hand is free to roam the entire fingerboard without reaching over the body for high fret positions.

As with all Kopp guitars, these too are 100″ hand made .

Below is a 14″ Baby Bellaneu thinline.

Here’s a full size 17″ Bellaneu with a 3 1/2″ Rim. And here is a Flat Top Bellaneu that is 17″ wide with a thickness that tapers from 3 15/16″ to a full 5″.





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